Here to help achieve your goals

Hello and Welcome to PFit

My mission is to help people understand that they can achieve whatever they desire with a few simple Lifestyle changes.

Anyone can be whatever they want to be it’s about creating the opportunities for change and understanding that success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it.

How I got to where I am…

My childhood was centred around fitness and sport as I followed in my Dads footsteps as a Goalkeeper.

I continued this passion for sport and fitness in my college studies however the job I left college with did not follow this dream.

After years out of the field and only concentrating on my own fitness, I decided that my desire was to work in the coaching profession.

I took the plunge, quite my job, worked hard to get the relevant qualifications and then nose-dived straight into my own business. SH*T got real! 4 years on and I’ve never looked back

How will I help?

Before I explain the process…I want you to remember that making a lifestyle change isn’t an over night job and can take a long time to achieve.

What we will do is not a quick fix but a lifestyle improvement that will change your life forever. With this in mind we Would begin with looking at you goal and creating a plan to achieve it.

This plan will include nutritional guidance, work out plans, social media support group, body fat and circumference measurements, mind set techniques and 24hour support from me.

I'm not just a trainer, I’m a lifestyle coach that will help you in every aspect and every step of the way.